After implementing the methods provided in the challenges we started to listen more carefully to our customers and also changed our approach to them. Alina P. (Poland) I have managed to overcome obstacles, achieve goals, learn to see a topic from another point of view, and apply what I have learned, today I feel stronger and more empowered. Enrique P. (Spain) It is an excellent way to benefit from a self-evaluation – be more aware of your qualities and weaknesses. Dan I. (Romania)

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Self-motivation is, in its simplest form, the force that drives you to do things. Motivation is why a person acts or behaves in a particular way and it affects the choice of alternatives. When there is motivation, there is enthusiasm. Motivation is within us. It drives us to behave and act in certain ways.

There are many advantages to self-motivation. Entrepreneurs, students who are self-motivated tend to be more organised, have good time management skills and more self-esteem and confidence.