After implementing the methods provided in the challenges we started to listen more carefully to our customers and also changed our approach to them. Alina P. (Poland) I have managed to overcome obstacles, achieve goals, learn to see a topic from another point of view, and apply what I have learned, today I feel stronger and more empowered. Enrique P. (Spain) It is an excellent way to benefit from a self-evaluation – be more aware of your qualities and weaknesses. Dan I. (Romania)

Józef Branicki, Poland

Conflict management

How did you get in contact with the 40 Challenges Project?

My first contact with 40 Challenges project was one year ago during the dissemination meeting with representatives of Association ARID. During this presentation there was presented main assumptions of the project as well as there was also presentation of the planned products of the project. Later on I took part in the testing phase where I had opportunity to see how the final product works.

What Soft Skills where more attractive for you?

I am working in the construction business so I work with many different people. For me the most attractive and most necessary skills are teamwork and conflict management. 

How many Challenges were you able to fulfill?

According to the skills I am interested I have fulfilled all challenges referred to teamwork and conflict management. It was very useful in the application that it was sending reminders about fulfilling the challenges. I am very busy in my work so it was very helpful for me.

What concrete results did you get implementing these Challenges?

I have tested the challenges and I also tried to implement it in the real life and my daily work. I was testing those practical methods and I found out that sometimes I am blocked in my box and it is very difficult to go outside. Those practical exercises let me see my work and approach from different side. 

Do you think your work as an entrepreneur will improve?

In my opinion my work will get new power because I started to see advantages of the empathy and my communication with my staff and co-workers is much better. This fact has significant impact on the decreasing level of the conflicts in my team. At the same time this fact increased efficiency of the teamwork and increasing of the quality of my job.

Would you recommend the 40 Challenges Project to others? Why?

I will recommend this project to my friends who are  doing various business. This challenges are very useful and necessary for different professions.