After implementing the methods provided in the challenges we started to listen more carefully to our customers and also changed our approach to them. Alina P. (Poland) I have managed to overcome obstacles, achieve goals, learn to see a topic from another point of view, and apply what I have learned, today I feel stronger and more empowered. Enrique P. (Spain) It is an excellent way to benefit from a self-evaluation – be more aware of your qualities and weaknesses. Dan I. (Romania)

Vlad D., Romania

Conflict management
Customer service

How did you get in contact with the 40 Challenges Project?

Generally, I am a learner who is ‘’attracted’’ to challenges. I really liked the idea of ​​the project: calling the activities "challenges". This makes the beneficiaries more curious, more interested in discovering what it offers as a learning experience in entrepreneurship. I have seen a Facebook post on the CPIP’s Facebook page about the 40 Challenges project at the beginning of its implementation. Then I went to the CPIP’s office and discussed how I could get involved in the development of the project.

What Soft Skills where more attractive for you?

I took a look at all the soft skills prepared within the 40 Challenges project and the individualized learning experience enabled me to ’’engage’’ in the following soft skills:

  • Decision-making;
  • Customer-service;
  • Conflict management;
  • Initiative.

Learning is vital for entrepreneurs and young entrepreneurs must take responsibility for their own

professional and personal growth. Developing soft skills requires exposing entrepreneurs to new

ideas and learning them requires appropriate levels of challenge, practice and reflection.

How many Challenges were you able to fulfill?

I was able to fulfill one challenge from each soft skill mentioned above as following below:


I believe soft skills can be enhanced within a relatively short amount of time through training and

experience –the major value of the 40 Challenges project is that it gives the opportunity to learn by

yourself, to become aware of what you need to learn etc.

What concrete results did you get implementing these Challenges?

The most visible results are in terms of:

  • Personal and entrepreneurial development;
  • Better equipped for ‘’managing’’ the new approaches in entrepreneurship;
  • More materials for self-awareness and self-improvement;
  • Key knowledge from lesson learned (theoretical introduction of challenges and soft skills);
  • Greater ‘’resource portfolio’’;
  • Promoted the materials developed among my network of colleagues/friends/learners (facilitators, trainers, trainees etc) etc.

Do you think your work as an entrepreneur will improve?

I am not sure about the level of improvement but I am sure about the knowledge gathered based on

the challenges developed. The ‘’challenge approach’’ is a newer approach to entrepreneurial

education. Measurement of soft skills interventions (through the developed self-evaluation questionnaires for

each soft skill) can be used for a number of different purposes by every entrepreneur or adult


Would you recommend the 40 Challenges Project to others? Why?

Yes, for sure I would recommend the work done by the members involved for developing and implementing this Erasmus+ project. The challenges designed based on specific soft skills are very useful resources for entrepreneurs, trainers, mentors, facilitators and low-skilled adults in the field of entrepreneurship.