After implementing the methods provided in the challenges we started to listen more carefully to our customers and also changed our approach to them. Alina P. (Poland) I have managed to overcome obstacles, achieve goals, learn to see a topic from another point of view, and apply what I have learned, today I feel stronger and more empowered. Enrique P. (Spain) It is an excellent way to benefit from a self-evaluation – be more aware of your qualities and weaknesses. Dan I. (Romania)

Raul R., Spain

Customer service

How did you get in contact with the 40 Challenges Project?

In a training course for workers organized by the SEPE (Spanish State Employment Service) I was informed of the initiative.

What Soft Skills where more attractive for you

In this era, adaptability to change and customer service.

How many Challenges were you able to fulfill?

During these times, I have started with adaptability. With the total change in the business model imposed by the COVID-19, I have reflected about my situation, trying to be focused, without a pessimist attitude, and thinking in small changes I can implement in myself and my team.  

In the adaptability challenge I focused in creating resilience. Is the challenge I am facing in my business, trusting my team mates and myself. The experience from friends, colleagues, customers and suppliers has been enriching since it has created new ideas in the many meetings we have been having.

What concrete results did you get implementing these Challenges?

The adaptability challenge has meant I am more flexible and balanced with my environment, and, in general, it has made me have a much clear vision of my situation and circumstance at such critical times.

Do you think your work as an entrepreneur will improve?

The adaptability competence, not forgetting the others, is helping me focus in my objectives and being more realistic.

Would you recommend the 40 Challenges Project to others? Why?

It is a very recommendable project since it opens your eyes to daily issues, as well as mid-term, needed to have a vision of yourself and the others that will enrich both my present and my future.