After implementing the methods provided in the challenges we started to listen more carefully to our customers and also changed our approach to them. Alina P. (Poland) I have managed to overcome obstacles, achieve goals, learn to see a topic from another point of view, and apply what I have learned, today I feel stronger and more empowered. Enrique P. (Spain) It is an excellent way to benefit from a self-evaluation – be more aware of your qualities and weaknesses. Dan I. (Romania)

Conor Duffy, Ireland


How did you get in contact with the 40 Challenges Project?

Through Facebook. I already know about the activities that are organized by I & F and I was attracted to it.

What Soft Skills where more attractive for you?

Teamwork. It is something that I really need to improve on. It is challenging for me and a programme like this can help me to continue developing and growing,

How many Challenges were you able to fulfill?

100%. I went through all of them and it made me feel happy about my progress.

What concrete results did you get implementing these Challenges?

I wanted to see if my capacity as an entrepreneur is positive enough to follow a career on that. Being an entrepreneur is not an easy path and teamwork is key to success.

Do you think your work as an entrepreneur will improve?

I think so. I came to see what skills I have to improve and I like the challenge! I think that the overall app is really positive and many skills can be learned and developed through this.

Would you recommend the 40 Challenges Project to others? Why?

Yes, I would. Because it is a good self-assessment tool.