Exchange of roles

In this challenge we will show you a tool to put yourself in the place of the others. With this challenge we are going to practice Empathy. It is a tool to make workers more empathetic between them.


It is important that everyone becomes aware of the work and responsibilities of others. Empathy allows creating bonds of trust and collaboration between the members of a work team. In this way, we get each person aware of the importance and difficulties of their colleagues' work.

To Do

An employee spends his day in another department. This will give them a different perspective that will help resolve the typical differences between teams that work together but in different things. For example, commercials can see with different eyes the efforts of employees working in TIC. You learn to see things as others see it and understand what they do. In addition, it offers the opportunity to interact with other workers.

Action Plan

Day 1.-. Identify the different job positions. For example, sale director, human resources, administration personnel, marketing ...

Day 2.-. To assign one day a week for each position. For example every Monday. First Monday to Human Resources. Second Monday to

Administration, third Monday to Marketing etc.

Day 3.-. Every Monday for a month you will spend 2 hours accompanying another worker in each of the positions you identified. So you can put into practice the empathy to see how each position develops and the difficulties of each position.

One day per week during one month( it is an aspect that you can adapt depends on the size
Fix a day to start and do it for four weeks
Boost, Grow.
Promote empathy among workers

Fix a day in a week

Achievement and Award

Better working understanding

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