Promoting participation in the team

In this challenge we will show you a tool for fostering the participation in the team. One of the characteristics of teamwork to be an effective teamwork is the cohesion of the team, the participation of the team as well as the generation of ideas applicable to any topic (solve a problem, improve any aspect related to the work, improve relationship among workers ...). When it is necessary to discuss some topic in a team and to know the opinion of each member you can use this challenge. At the end of the challenge we will obtain a total of 108 contributions ( ideas,o pinions…) in just thirty minutes. Some proposals will be repeated and others will be absurd, but, the ability to generate opinions in a short time is high. It makes it possible to generate ideas without any technical restriction. Six people meet and each of them has a sheet to write three ideas on the subject and only has 5 minutes to translate them into the document. After that, each one gives the partner next to the sheet, repeating the process from the ideas available to the previous partner.


To foster participation in the team and improves team cohesion. The innovative potential of the group grows. To enhance the participation of workers

To Do

During this challenge you will put into practice a tool to encourage the participation of the team. Each member of the group has a sheet and writes their ideas indicating their name about the topic (could be, how to improve sales, how to improve the relationship between the team, how to solve a problem, how to improve the effectiveness of the team etc.). During this technique a group of 6 people contributes three ideas to a given situation thinking about it for 5 minutes. Each member of the group has a sheet and writes their ideas indicating their name. Once this time has passed, the sheet is passed to the next partner and the exercise is repeated.

Action Plan

1. Identify the issue or topic you want addressed.

2. Select 5 o 6 people from the work team

3. The issue or topic on which ideas will be brought is introduced to the participants.

4. Each worker provide for 5 minutes 3 ideas, after this time the sheet will pass to the next partner and the same process starts again. When you will receive the sheet with information completed by another worker generates ideas association and improves creativity for subsequent contributions

5. Selection of ideas (individual).Each worker has a sheet with 18 ideas. These ideas are reviewed individually and 5 ideas are selected according to different criteria;

• Most original idea.

• The one that implies lower risk.

• The most urgent.

• The one that provides the most value (economic, brand, etc

6. Selection of ideas (group). At the end of this phase the group obtains a final list of 5 ideas

7. Finally, based on the criteria defined in the group, one of the ideas to be implemented is selected (the most urgent, the one with the greatest benefit, ...)

One day per week during four weeks.
You can put it into practice with the team every time you need to work with the team.

You have to set a day per week to do it with your team

Achievement and Award

Cohesion of the team

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