Once you have gain in self-confidence and after surpassing fears, barriers and complexes it is necessary to act for real with proactivity. You have finished the work of laboratory, the moment to face situations and real problems has arrived.


Apply an action Plan to get the reality.

Action Plan

Day 1.- Think in an aim or goal you would like to reach or achieve.

Day 2.- Do a list of the “whys” you want to reach this aim.

Day 3.- Today you are going to focus in “what can go wrong”. Think about the problems or circumstances that can avoid you reach a situation/goal in you real life. Write them in the portfolio.

Day 4.- Dissect the difficulties and implications of such problems and how can you surpass them. Are you able to face them? Come on. Write it in the portfolio.

From the day 4 until the day 29. Execute and act.

Day 30.- Think about your efficiency. Register if the performance has been positive. Have you improved? How do you feel now? Do you think that the situation should be improved again? If the answer is yes, we recommend you go back to the point 1.

30 days

Once a week remember that you are working on the new action.

Achievement and Award

At the end of the 30 days, if the action has been followed, CONGRATULATE. One point for performances on days 1, 2 and 3. Ten points if the task has improved.

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