When we advance towards one goal we can always find some obstacles. If we are able to face them one by one, we will improve our self-confidence and every time we will get over higher barriers. The advance also has to motivate and inspire ourselves, as well as to take consciousness that we can support ourselves in our strengths and we are able to get higher achievements each day.


Define problems, minimize the importance of the obstacles and face them proactively.

To Do

Every day: REMEMBER: Take five minutes to think about the situation in your life that you want to face or confront.

Action Plan

DAY 1.- Write 5 obstacles that complicate or condition your intervention.

DAY 2.- Write 5 reasons of the urgency in the intervention to face the situation.

DAY 3.- Throw a glimpse to the obstacles and the reasons that you wrote the previous days; What would happen if you do not act? What would happen if you make a mistake? Which risk is higher, the one to make a mistake or the negative implications of the inaction?

DAY 4.- From the previous answers check what extent acting with decision reduces the negative effects of the fault of action, and drive to better results.

4 days
1 exercise every day

Daily on the task to be carried out each day.

Achievement and Award

Every day you will receive a congratulation for what was done the previous day and propose the new task.

Every day you get a point if you perform these tasks.

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