Achieving goals

A goal is not achieved overnight. When we have something in our mind that we want to achieve, with this tool, we will evaluate the goal that I have in mind so that we work on the essential aspects to achieve that goal and not lose the motivation.


To help us to have a clearer vision of our purpose and the steps we have to take to be able to do it without losing the intrinsic motivation. Something very important when we want to achieve a goal is to join our purpose with the actions we need to achieve it. You´ll learn technical skills to create an action plan in which the chosen options are collected to achieve that goal. It´s based on asking questions to develop awareness and responsibility, understood as a clear perception and understanding of the environment and reality

Action Plan
  • i. DAY 1.- GOAL. Ask yourself: What do you want to improve? What are your goals? What do you want to get? What is your challenge?. The goal should be SMART: one that is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound. The objectives have to be achievable and well defined. A goal has to be long term, short or medium term goals, but you have to define very well how you will know that the goals are being achieved to reach the final goal and the time to achieve them.

  • ii. DAY 2.- Reality: Reality is the truth. We have to be realistic, if we are not realistic it could lead to demotivation, it is a very important part not only in case the goal is realistic or not, but to see in what situation you are in relation to what you want to achieve iii. Making an assessment of the situation is a first exercise before finding the options to achieve it. This evaluation consists of asking questions and writing down the answers. What am I doing to achieve the goal? What could I do that I do not do? What tools do I need? What difficulties or obstacles do you have?

  • iv.

    v. DAY 3.- Options: Find the best options

  • vi. At this point we know where we are, what we want to achieve and how far we want to go, it is time to decide what options we have to get it. We must consider those multiple options that life offers us for everything, the possibilities that exist, explore them and practice them

  • vii. Ask yourself: What options do I have? Can I have an alternative with the help of someone?

  • viii. At this point, we already know our purpose(Goal), we know where we left (Reality) and with what "vehicle" (options) we will trace this path

  • ix. DAY 4.- Will: without will, without action we do not advance.

  • x. There is no point in detecting and having the best options to achieve our objective, being aware of the reality, if we do not elaborate a plan of action appropriate to our possibilities. Decide when we begin to make the necessary changes, what commitment we acquire and in what period of time we hope to do it. These are the key points to execute a determined plan of action, to achieve the goals and the objective.

4 days
1 exercise every day

Daily on the task to be carried out each day.

Achievement and Award

Every day you will receive congratulation for what was done the previous day and proposes the new task. Every day you get a point if you perform these tasks.

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